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[Help] You were listed? APPEAL HERE!
Want your name off the blacklist? Need to explain yourself?

Please discuss here.


The Blacklist's Rules - READ OR DIE. 

The rules concerning the post of unnapropriate new threads of course applies only to the original TinierMe group and not to this LJ community. It will, however, ban users that start to spam, harass or troll other people.

1. PLEASE POST IN THE PROPER THREAD, I have seen MANY users abuse this simple rule. If you need to report someone use the "Report Here" Thread. If you need to be removed from the blacklist use the "Scammers Appeal Here" thread and ect.
(1st offense warning, 2nd offense ban.)

2. Do not post a new thread claiming so and so scammed you,giving us more spam, questioning a specific user, OR advertising another anti-scam group. We do not want your extra attention. You are allowed to post a thread, but it has to be relevant and actually helpful. I will ban you IMMEDIATELY without warning for this one.
(Immediate Banning)

3. If you're going to report PLEASE do it properly, we cannot put someone on the blacklist without "proof" in order to obtain proof check out the proper thread.
(1st, 2nd, & 3rd offenses Warning, 4th Offense Ban.)

4. Please respect our Admin, Moderators, and Middle-people. We work very hard to offer our services to you and we would not like to be disrespected.
(Immediate Banning.)

(1st offense warning, 2nd offense ban.)

6. Please follow all the codes of conduct we have.(read Code of Conduct Thread)  I understand this one is much harder to enforce but I do expect everyone to give The Blacklist a good name, by not following the code of conduct you're not only  making yourself seem like a fool but you're embarrassing the Blacklist.
(Immediate ban, the moment I learn about not following the code of conduct.)

7. Following all the basic principles of TinierMe's Rules. (excluding cursing.)
(1st - 3rd offenses warning, 4th offense ban.)

8. DO NOT SCAM. The whole reason why The Blacklist exists is because we are anti-scam. If I find out any of you scammed, I will be banning you. (excluding scammers appealing)
(Notification of ban, 24 hours later ban.)

9. DO NOT BEG. I'm deeply sorry that you got scammed, but if you want "help" go try the ScamSurvivalShelter group.
(1st offense warning, 2nd offense ban)

10. This is in addition to rule 2, Do not post any trade threads or post here... Not even trading related comments, if you want to trade use a trade group not the blacklist.
(1st Offense Warning, 2nd Offense Ban)

11. Scammers who join the group MUST post an appeal post IN the "Scammers Appeal Here" thread. Within 48 hours, if not I will be banning you immediately.
(Immediate Banning WITHOUT NOTICE)

Failure to comply with these rules will result in you getting banned. If you have any suggestions to add on to these set of rules please
do not hesitate to post a comment. Thanks in advance!

EdinX of the Blacklist

[FAQ] Why we ask for screenshots?

(dang, I made it look like those plane's safety cards XP)


Whenever is possible we prefer people would be ready with proof screenshots when reporting. I'll post here the reasons:

1. Sometimes we have to check up to 6 different reports and we do not have time to go after proof by ourselves. Some of us moderates more than one group (my case) and we all have real life, we are not robots.

2.  Some proof are only accessible by you and only you, like mini-mails and the sent/received items page.

3. Many do not know, but you can block people on TinierMe from accessing your page. Some scammers might block you or us, the mods, sooner or later, making it hard to screenshot anything after.

4. Also, if some proof is part of the diary/guestbook/comments of the scammer's page, or a thread or comment he/she made, he/she can delete it.

5. We try to be as unbiased as possible, so unless more than one person reports the same user we cannot put anyone under the list without proof (Not even the Possible Scammers list!). We've already received way too many fake reports because of people who think they can report anyone just because they want to without no apparent reason.

6. Some people makes deals in chatrooms, we highly recommend those people to screenshot the deal everytime. We can't do anything if you got scammed but has no proof of such thing.

7. We have a backup of all (or at least most) screenshots for each report made so if necessary we can review someone's case. And, apparently, even when we clarify a situation people don't believe us and say we did ****** for putting xxxxxx on the list, so we also need the screenshots to build up a history of all past reports.


The main point is: as soon as you suspect you got scammed, or that someone is a scammer,  screenshot anything that can be used as proof! Fighting scammers is also a matter of time so the sooner we get enough proof, sooner the scammer will be listed!


Some people also rely on witnesses. We prefer screenshots over witnesses because it may happen that the scammer is using mules to support him, or  a group of people are actually involved on the scam. We want to try to avoid as much as possible to put people on the list unfairly, and since fake reports have become somewhat common recently we are now more strict when requiring proof.

[Help] Have you traded with?
Say you are in trade with someone and you are being the smart trader who researches the selfy on the other end. You've checked the blacklist and they weren't there. You check the feedback group, no thread. You go to their profile, maybe their profile isn't bare, maybe only one journal. No guestbook comments, they have tons of friends, although one or two of those friends have similar names as the trading selfy.

What should you do?

Come here, leave the username.[WRITE IT CORRECTLY, NO TYPOS AND MISPELLING, 

Ex.: Have you traded with JLyn? 

If anyone has traded or has tried to trade with that person please leave a comment, say whether the trade went smoothly and fast. Or was there some time delay between msgs. Did something weird happen that might need to be noted. More than one person can leave a comment about a person.

Ex.: I traded with her, she's super awesome have no fear.

This is not where you report scammers. There is a proper thread for that (Report Scammers Here.) No in-depth discussions, feel free to do that on the Blacklist thread. This is not the place to leave feedback on a selfy, (try the Trade feedback group). This is not the place to put up trades, we don't need to know what you are trading (to many groups to name). This is for a quick reference. So selfies can jump in, find what they need and jump out, with out wading through pages of unrelated discussions.

If you have questions about what someone wrote you can MM them directly.

This thread is an extension of the blacklist, almost like a whitelist...all part of making TinierMe safe and fun for all traders.

[FAQ] Important art concepts

Tracing versus pose reference

Really, everyone uses references while drawing (geez, I'm always looking to my hands on a mirror to draw!)

But PLEASE, don't go telling me tracing is like using pose reference! It's as much different as from eyeballing. I don't have anything against any of these, although I consider tracing a very poor way to practice your skills and I get really angry when I see people who get popular for traced stuff.

Why? Because tracing is the very old technique of placing one paper (or a layer) over an existing pic and merely drawing over it, copying the lines. Even if the person change one thing of another, the "perfection" of the copy is clear once you compare original to "copy", sometimes so clear that even the composition and the framing of the pic is exactly the same. See? Pretty different from eyeballing (copying by eye) or using pose reference, which I consider something above of tracing.

Edit: I would like to make it clear that I'm talking about a one singular illustration based on traced work and that I do not condemn the act of tracing, for animation and mangá professionals rely on that technique for many reasons. The thing is, those professionals do tracing usually for different purposes than the usual tracers we find in internet (I can tell that because even I do tracing while doing traditional animation experiences or when I have to draw the same expression in a comic in a sequence, imagine myself trying to draw the same thing like 10 times to make less then one second of animation?), they are just copying their own work so they have all the right to do whatever they want with it. It's different from tracing someone else's work and not even giving the original credit (same applies for eyeballing depending on how much reference you used).

That means that tracing is a valid technique in arts. But it's not art itself, you have to know more than that to become an artist.

Edit 2: And PLEASE, if you trace or eyeball, at least have the nerve to give the original credit?! You can trace/eyeball as many times as you want, but GIVE CREDIT, damn it! If you don't do that, it's almost like art thievering, you know? Pay some respect to your fellow artists! Better recognize it than continue denying that, you are just being childish when doing that. <----- That means that if I ever find out you've traced or eyeballed my work without crediting me for the original I'll bitch about it as much as if you had just stolen pics from my gallery D<

Fanart versus Original Work

I'm obviously in favor of original art, since it's the best way to show what are your real creativity skills and the best way to judge an artist's talent.

However, I definetely disagree with those who say that fanart is not art. Fanart, in my point of view, is an interpretation of an already created character or story. While some people feel happy to just understand something, others feel the urge to express their point of view and, therefore, do fanarts. Fanart is also a way to express how much you love something or it can even be a way to glorify a character or work created by a person you admire. Art in general is an art just be the fact that it express something from the artist, so for me anything that express the artist's person is an art.

Also, fanart is not plagiarism, because the fanartist is not worried about people recognizing the fanart's origin. He/She would actually love to see people recongnizing a character or a story just by the picture. We, fanartists, don't want to take credit for the creation, only for the art itself. A good fanartist doesn't copy the original author's style, he/she would rather work to find a way to redesign stuff in their own style.

Yet, I must say to those that only do fanart to stop and try finding your own way. Or at least to vary your fanart subject, do not stay limited to one fandom or another. Also, do not copy the artist style and try to find your own. Only by doing that you can break your limits.

Here starts a rant of mine concerning people who are good natured but do something that isn't much different from stealing art.

I'm talking about people who repost our art, without giving credit to us. By credit, I mean link back to our sites, or to our email, or at least say it was US who drew it, dammnit! Don't come with the "I don't know who drew this".

I'm tired of getting the "But I'm only helping spreading your work!" explanation whenever I ask about this. For one, you are not helping spreading our work if you don't give us the credit. Second, by creating more copies of our work you are making more easy for art thieves to steal our work. And last, it's totally rude to use our work without asking permission.

Some artists like me don't mind if people use their work for personal use, like personal desktop wallpaper, or icons. Some just don't like people to use their work to their own profit. Some don't give a damn, but most don't like to see their work ripped from them.

Why? Because we feel like someone stole all the work we had put on the drawing. By snagging our work without asking and without giving credit you are not acting much different from the art thieves. You are disconsindering any rights we have over our own work.

Last words: DeviantART is NOT a Photobucket! By reposting our art you are infringing DA's rules and you may be reported by us for stealing our work. Believe me, I had recently reported someone who reposted an Inuyasha work that I used to have in my gallery and the reposted version got deleted by the admins.

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[FAQ] Code of Conduct

Credits to Kyzaku for the original, which is posted on "The Blacklist" group

1. Do Not Scam the Scammers. Even if someone is a known scammer, you should not scam them back by not sending items requested in a trade to them. If they fulfill their part of the bargain, you are the one being a scammer by not fulfilling yours. If you are no longer interested in the trade, send the items the scammer sent back. It is still scamming to keep them without having given anything in trade. The best way to combat scammers is not to stoop to their level. Always do this in good faith, because it is possible for people to be mistaken about scammers.

2. Do Not Spam the Scammers/Art thieves. While it is true that you may have been wronged, spamming the scammer actually only gives them ammo to use against you. While scamming people isn't illegal on Tinierme as it should be, harrassment is. The best practice, when you've been scammed, is to report them to the Blacklist and then seek out the ScamSurvivorsShelter, where, in some cases, you may be able to get your stolen items back. It's always fine to question the scammer and ask for a response, but it is never okay to be obnoxious and spam their accounts or guestbooks. (Though I do suggest leaving a guestbook message warning other people that the user is a scammer.)

3. Use your judgment when dealing with anyone who may be a scammer. Always be courteous. If someone is a known scammer, do not harass them in Selfy Town or in chat rooms. But if you see them trying to scam others, warn them! Letting someone scam someone else when you could have stopped it is just as bad as scamming them.

4. Do not abuse the Blacklist. People take these lists seriously; do not report someone unless you have proof that they have scammed you, or are trying to scam you. Think of how it would feel if someone reported YOU to the Blacklist. Never make hasty reports.

ALSO, making false accusations because of pettiness or personal grudges is just plain childish.

5. Don't bring TinierMe issues to other sites. It may happen that the scammer is using someone else's website as a cover up. This applies specially for impersonators. So hold the horses and don't accuse anyone in public like commenting on their DeviantART or spamming them. If you feel that you need to confront this person, do it in privacy. Most of the time innocent people get their reputation damaged because of that, so I do not encourage such thing.

6. The Art Trade Union's Blacklist concerns only cases involving art trades, comissions, etc. We do not deal with itemxitem scams, so we encourage people to report those cases to "The Blacklist" instead. That's because most cases of scams involving art takes days to be solved/investigated, yet are rarer, so we are aiming to only those cases as a way to let the mods and admins of the other blacklists foccus their attention on the usual itemxitem scam reports.

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[Lists] Blacklist of Art - Shiki-Baka-Chan

★Last update: September 4th 2010★

- This list will be updated whenever I have time to do it, so please be patient.
- MM if you need a response from me.
- To check the gifts you have received/sent, check the wishlist option on your "My Page" and there should be a received/sent tab on that page.
- Names in bold  = Recently added


Definition of a scammer - A person who did not finish sending the
required items and will not finish the trade when started.

Definition of a possible scammer
- A suspicious person who has not
scammed but has insufficient evidence of being a trustworthy trader.



- Reports should be made on the Report users HERE" thread.
- To be listed as art thief PROOF is required.
- To search for a possible scammer on this list, simply hold "CTRL + F" then type in the username in the provided box.


★Art thieves - fake artists using stolen art to scam★ (even if no one was indeed scammed if it's proved that the user is selling stolen artwork for items he will end up here. Same goes for traced works).

Users that are caught selling editted, traced, eyeballed or photomanipulated drawings without proper credit as fully drawn pictures will also be listed here

NEW INDICATOR! - A * (asterisk) will be added next to the user name according to the "danger":

no marks = hasn't tried to scam, submit to contest nor sell any work
* = has tried to sell work / opened art shop / submitted one work to a contest
** = has succesfully scammed at least once / win a contest with stolen work


☆ .  ロミオ *
          Stolen works from: tomoki-chan.deviantart.com (she is also a TinierMe user) 


☆ ・ ♥ sugar ♥ *
Stole works from: Sugar - sugar-jar.deviantart.com. (The real Sugar is under the account "Sugar")


☆ ・ Alice Wolf  ***
        Stole works from: sureya - sureya.deviantart.com. (On the botton we can also see that the signature of one says SilentEvil, which is totally different from the signature stolen from sureya)

☆ ・bella12
        Stole works from: aesprika - dailydoodlesoferin.blogspot.com. (Is also an obnoxious trader and confirmed scammer)

caterina *
        Clearly uses stolen work. disparity between styles and level of skills is way too big between pics and one shows signs of signature deletion
        Used stolen work from: teferis.deviantart.com
☆ ・ dexthro *
        Selling edited dress-up game dolls as drawings 

☆ ・ KiranTenshi * - DA: curseoftheblackalice.deviantart.com
       Stole and edited work from: MoogleGirl - mooglegirl.deviantart.com
☆ ・ KagomeFan123 *
       Stole and edited work from: LyricXxX - lyricxxx.deviantart.com
. Kaisei (claimed innocence, investigation re-opened)
       One artwork was traced (copied over an existing work, it's considered stolen art if proper credit to the original artist is not given and it is not stated anywhere that the work is traced)

☆ ・ lets heal **
        Attempted to sell edited screenshots as drawings. Also seems to claim stolen art: 
☆ ・ Luna-Chan *

       Stole art from: Minami_nyan - http://minami-nyan.deviantart.com (original artist confirmed he/she doesn't play TM)

☆ ・ mac2 ** 
       Stole art from:
septimus, Polkadots ("Tales of the Abyss" fanart).

☆ ・ Maryenta ***
Used parts of other people's work, traced, assumed to be guilty of those on DA

 Marienta left her account, someone stole some of the items that should have been returned (hacked), so some people are still scammed.

☆ ・ merumerunin *
      Stole art from: Tatsubon
Proof: http://heavenly-brush.livejournal.com/tag/merumerunin
☆ ・ Miku26 *
        Stole work from: Moorina - moorina.deviantart.com (original artist stated herself that her TM account has been innactive for a long time )

☆ ・ Minami26 *
        Stole work from:
 Moorina - moorina.deviantart.com (original artist stated herself that her TM account has been innactive for a long time )

☆ . Nifelheim **
  Confirmed scammer, has now opened an art shop       Stolen works from: Peebun 


☆ ・ OtomoAftermath *
        Selling edited / traced artwork. Tracing is ok, as long as the artist states clearly that it is traced work
☆ .  Ranga ** (see http://heavenly-brush.livejournal.com/1323.html)
      Admitted to have won a contest with someone else's work
☆ ・ red chi **
      Stole work and was impersonating: pecche - http://www.gaiaonline.com/p/15479653
☆ ・ Shiki-Baka-Chan **
      Selling edited / traced artwork as his/her own. Traced work from Ippus.

☆ ・ taffy123 *
        The "drawings" she claims to have drawn not only lacks consistency on style, but also share multiple link domains, which is somewhat unusual
        Stole work from: http://transient.babyblue.jp

☆ ・ Zanaber *
        Stole profile, impersonating: Shery - naeru.deviantart.com


★Art scammers★ (Artists who scams people, or people who scam artists, but aren't art thieves)

☆ ・ meng **
Hasn't given any satisfaction to some people he comissioned since February 9th. MAY have scammed at least three people.
☆ ・ sEnzukii / sEnzukii. / sEnzukiii21. **
Scammed BeanPrince: Did not pay the comission.


★Impostors / Impersonators★(TinierMe users faking other TinierMe users, BE CAREFUL)

☆ ・ Impersonators and impostors are AGAINST TINIERME RULES and must be reported to the TinierMe Staff. A more updated version of the impersonators is kept on The Blacklist.


★* Suspicious users / Under investigation *★

(Got complains or many reports/evidences, but no actual proof)

☆ ・ Hoshino Miu
       Art has inconsistency (multiple styles, multiple levels of experience in drawing, looks like       traced/eyeballed sometimes), apparently attends by various usernames through the internet (Hoshino Miu, Momo, ChocoMugi, Joyce, Joyce Ciasico, Serenity, aoi4chan), lies about her age (here claims to be 16, claims to be 19 on DA and SheezyArt, found her Facebook account and she definetely isn't 16). Uses fake pics here (pics on Facebook are different from the ones she had on her deleted profile. Also has shown posting timeline paradox: in each place claims to have posted the same artworks in different orders. HAS NOT TRIED TO SELL HER ART YET THOUGH
☆ ・ jillz
       Seems to be claiming to have drawn a pic that suspiciously look like a ripped work from the mangá Marmalade Boy
Proof: http://heavenly-brush.livejournal.com/1665.html
☆ ・ Kobato♠  and Ranga issue
       All the investigaion is being held here: http://heavenly-brush.livejournal.com/1323.html


★To appeal (in case you are on the list):

- Except the ones in the Art Thieves' list anyone can appeal by posting proof of you innocence.
- For those who are in the Art Thieves' list, you may request us to monitor your art trades for a while to prove that you aren't repeating your previous actions.After a month if you "behave" you will be moved to the Suspicious users list.

[Lists] Art Trade Union's Artist Database
If your name is NOT here that may means:

1. You don't have a profile here.
2. Your profile hasn't been approved yet.

★LAST UPDATE: September 4th 2010

Here is the list of artists who have their profiles posted and checked in this group and are so far safe for art trades ^_^:

☆. #
☆. A
- Abakkus
- adlivun
- aeslee
- aesprika
- Anton
- Arew
- Arilishia

☆. B
- BakedChowi
- Belail
☆. C
- Cage
☆. D
☆. E
- Eiko Makimachi
- elaine10
- eleineflow
- Eleven
- Embla
- Erdgeist
☆. F
- fishcycle
- FirefromAshes
- fuzei-chan
☆. G
☆. H
☆. I
☆. J
- Jazzie_Girl
☆. K
- kanakotsu
- Kaoly
- kuromomo

☆. L
- leovanni
☆. M
- Mad Missy
- marunekochan
- Miruno
- momomeno
☆. N
- Na de Regen
- Nameo
- Nastasya
- natsunaa
- Nikuku

- Nunchi
- NyaNyachan
☆. O
☆. P
- Pandan-chan
- Pepperly
- pixiexx
- pumpkin bunny

☆. Q
☆. R
☆. S
- ScarletDream
- septimus
- SGranita
- Shery
- Shiyami
- shiyun
- skye_reed
- soopabunnie
- Spieluhr
- Steam

☆. T
☆. U
☆. V
☆. W
- witchygirl9
☆. X
☆. Y
☆. Z
- Zephel.K


1. Requesting art: this group is not responsible for moderating art requests so threads requesting art are not allowed and will be deleted. How and where to hold negotiations is up to each individual's decision.

2. Here are listed ONLY artists who posted a profile thread here, and, therefore, were checked by me or any other member. We can't check all artists of this site, so we recommend that, in doubt, follow all the suggestions we give in this group on how to conduct an art trade carefully and peacefully.

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